Karen Madison, CFP®, Vice President/Investments
Zach Davies, CFP®, Financial Advisor

In turbulent markets like these, preserving the value of your investments may be your foremost priority – especially if you’re facing retirement. But how can you protect your capital while producing a return that is at least equal to inflation?

At Stifel, we’ve helped investors like you pursue their financial goals since 1890. We’ve helped investors through all kinds of markets, and we can help you develop personalized strategies designed to help keep you on track to pursue your goals. Investment planning is a personal matter. A strategy that works well for one investor may not be the best for another, so it is important that your investment plan be unique to your goals. At Stifel, we can work with you to develop a plan for your capital preservation needs.

In today’s highly sophisticated investment climate, new markets and products continually challenge serious investors to keep pace. You may be interested in an individual security, a specific mutual fund, or a product offering you haven’t been able to secure elsewhere. At Stifel, we think investors’ opportunities shouldn’t be limited to the offering of a single firm.

Whether you are new to comprehensive investment planning or not satisfied with your current advisor, we have dedicated this web site to help you become more financially knowledgable and more confident in your decision making.  We believe you will find our philosophy, our values and integrity to be a sure and steady voice in this complex and confusing world of investment planning.

If you need any assistance just give us a call, send me an e-mail or stop by our office.

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Karen Madison, CFP®
Vice President/Investments

Zach Davies, CFP®
Financial Advisor

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